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Hazem Jabr DDS

I was born in Jerusalem in 1973 and spent the first 6 years of my childhood in Scotland. As a kid I spent a few years in Malta, a beautiful European island in the south Mediterranean sea. And Prior to immigrating to America i lived in Jerusalem for 3years, one of the most contentious places on earth. A far cry from an island in Europe to the middle eastern deserts.

In 1988 when I was 15 my family and I immigrated to America ,and as has been shown many times over in this nation of immigrants, we were welcomed by the fully dressed natives with open arms. I immediately fell in love with my adopted homeland. I can't believe I could have lived my whole life without football! I was even fortunate enough to be admitted into college!

In 1994 I was naturalized as an American citizen and In 1997 immediately after graduation and 1 day before my 24th I left Tennessee and moved out to Arizona where my folks and both brothers lived. The best part of my life is spending it with my family. My lovely wife Vienna and I have 2 daughters, Briana 6 and Alexis 2, both of whose interaction and affection we adore. When time permits usually i read, or run when the back holds up.

I've always felt grateful and privileged to be an immigrant in America. I was given an opportunity to be a member and contributor to this nation and have always felt afforded all the rights that this nation is fortunate to possess.
I love that I can do something I enjoy and people appreciate. And can actually make a living doing it, what a country!
Well for those that stayed tuned, I thought a condensed bio along with my excessive patriotism was a little more personable and interesting than the standard malarkey. Oh and I treat sleep apnea without those ridiculous CPAP contraptions. 


Donna Graduated from Rio Salado School of Dental Hygiene in 2002. She has a great deal of dental experience having spent several years in the dental field. Donna loves to encourage and educate patients on home care and has a gentle and caring manner. Patients that have had a fear of dentistry keep coming back to her. She is a great asset to our team and patients love her. When she is not at the office you might find her with her family or friends, hiking or playing pickleball.